Cequa Support

Cequa Support Pharmacy

Partnering with you to deliver CEQUA to your commercially insured patients

Please note: Cequa Support Specialty Pharmacy services are not available to Medicare, Medicaid, or other government-insured patients.

When you prescribe CEQUA through the Cequa Support Specialty Pharmacy, your commercially insured patients can get CEQUA at the lowest out-of-pocket cost and receive free home delivery.

No matter what their commercial coverage is, your patients pay less*

No copay card required for your patients

1-month supply

Payment as low as $5


3-month supply

Payment as low as $10

Cequa Support™ Pharmacy Patients will receive a call from Cequa Support™ Pharmacy within the next 24 hours once the prescription is sent in. Have your patients scan this QR code or text “CEQUA” to 712 712 to connect with Cequa Support™. This will prompt them to add “Cequa Support Pharmacy” into their contacts, making it easier to identify the call.

CEQUA is delivered for FREE straight to your patient’s door in 3 to 5 business days from the day of patient consent and payment

Patients new to CEQUA? Click here to view an exclusive offer for patients who have commercial insurance

Compare Cequa Support Specialty Pharmacy vs retail pharmacy

Cequa Support Specialty Pharmacy vs retail pharmacy*

Cequa Support
Retail Pharmacy
Benefits investigation
PA support
Appeals support
Home delivery
No copay card required
Lowest manufacturer offer for commercially insured patients
Guaranteed maximum out-of-pocket
Maximum out-of-pocket: $90
No guaranteed maximum;
out-of-pocket may be higher than $250§